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The world of technology is growing every day, and artificial intelligence is starting to gain so much relevance, that the need to learn coding and programming cannot be overemphasized. The Anki Cozmo Robot offers a chance for both children and adults to learn the basics of coding and programming. This robot comes with several functions such as games and a load-carrying hand to help you transport one or two things. Note that these functions can only be accessed through an iOS or Android device on which you can download the free Cozmo app and program the robot to do almost anything.

Do anything Possible With your Cozmo Robot
If you are going to enjoy this product you really need to know its components and the features it has to offer. Like I said earlier, the Cozmo Robot was specially designed to help children that are not below 8 months and adults not above 80 years. This product weighs only 2.42 pounds; this makes it very easy to carry about. It looks like a toy, but it is, in fact, more than just a robot as it responds and does exactly as it was programmed to do. You could program it to dance, challenge it to games, to lift its cubes, sneeze, think of anything.

This Robot has two basic modes, you can set it on “games mode” where you can challenge it to a quick tap game, memory match and many more, and you can also set it on “explorer mode” which allows you to leave it to do things its way.

Cozmo Robot is a Masterpiece
This Robot comes compact and needs no parts to put together, it comes with a charger and can also be charged using a USB power adapter. It does not come with a USB power adapter but you can easily get one, just click here.

Note that this Robot can only be programmed or coded using an iOS or Android and a free Cozmo app that you can easily download on app stores. This is how it works, you will connect the robot to your Android using the Cozmo app, for example, on the app, you can simply drag and drop a block on the screen, and the Robot will act out your command. Believe me, you will learn and enjoy.

Cozmo robot helps both children and adults to learn more about coding and programming. It was made with quality materials, and it has high durability. It responds to commands given to through the Cosmo app on an iOS or Android device. Although it does not come with a USB power adapter, you can simply charge it with its charger or click here to purchase one.

Here is a chance to learn the basics of physics and actually make practical experiments. This product from Thames and Kosmos comes with three different robots that can be used to collect temperature, light, and sound measurements that you can use to create endless figures and creatures. You also have the options of either saving up your creatures or printing them in a 3D format. Note that this package requires the use of an iOS (iOS 8.1 or later) or the latest Android device that is not below 4.4.2. Read up this review and get the full gist.

Check out the Bioengineering Lab
This product package comes with three sensor robots that have three unique abilities. One comes with the ability to measure the amount of heat and temperature within its environment, another was created to detect the brightness and dimness of light around it, and the last one listens to gather sound data.

However, all the data gathered by these three robots can only be used on a game-like app on an iOS or the latest Android device. On this app, you will find several options of creations depending on the data collected by the robots in their environment. Read further to learn how to create creatures and have fun using this product.

Let’s Have Some Fun
Now to create your creature, the first step is to gather your data, this can simply be done using any of the three robots, for example you could place the hearing bot beside a loudspeaker to create a loud impression in it or place the heat sensing bot beside a hot fire to create a high temperature in it, etc. You will then have to transfer this data to your iOS or Android device through Bluetooth or other wireless means.

Once you have transferred the data, you can then start creating, for example, the loud sound will bring to life a creature with tiny ears, the one with the low temperature will create a creature with plenty of hair or fur, etc. The beauty of all these is that you get to create a home for these creatures, play with them, and even print a 3D image of them.

This product comes with three robots that detect heat, light, and sound that can be transferred to an iOS or Android app (game) to create beautiful creatures. The challenge is that you will have to charge these bots once their batteries are down. All the same Thames and Kosmos Physics Experiment kit offer great excitement to people, especially kids.

If you are looking for the perfect Star Wars plush, you have just stumbled upon the most functional and fun Chewie co-pilot ever made. This interactive Chewie co-pilot should be at the top of your list. I am telling you this because Chewie has over 100 features that are great for roleplay. He is 16 inches tall and he runs only on battery and fun.

I believe the best feature is the interactive function. Chewie responds to voice and sounds, so do not be surprised when he speaks while you are in the middle of play. He can laugh, roar or even snore if the conditions are right. Every co-pilot deserves to nap at the end of a long day, right? Your Chewie will also move while in motion, to heighten roleplay and increase your fun. These interactive features are great for children, because they get to figure out what makes Chewie respond and they will have fun when he surprises them with Wookie language they had no idea he knew how to say.

Chewie is not only for Kids, though they may have the most fun playing with him. Any Star Wars fan could appreciate the size and the detailed build of this product. Consider him a collector’s item so you can use him as a reminder of your favorite universe. You can keep him in mint condition or take him out to play now and then, so that you both can have fun.

This Chewie co-pilot has other useful features that you can appreciate, such as:
• His Hair is gelled into place. This helps him to look like he is just out-of-the-box, even after being used for hours. This gel can be brushed out if necessary, but over time it wears off, so you can play with Chewie until it fades.
• He was created with great attention to details. This means that you can treat him as a collector’s item and add him to your Star Wars collection.
• He is great for roleplay. Because he is interactive, he can be your co-pilot on a mission to mars, who has actual expressions and make sounds.

There are many reasons why Chewie deserves to join your family. Even if your child does get tired of Chewie after hours of playing, this is a toy that they will surely come back to, because they will get a different experience every time. There are numerous reviews on Amazon that welcomed him into theirs. If you want to see what others are saying about their experience with this product click here. Chewie is interactive, he has over 100 features, he is 16 inches tall and he runs on battery.

Here is an excellent chance to teach your children how to be creative and have fun at the same time. Build up to 3 unique racing track options with your child playing with Hot Wheels Track Builder System Race Crate. This medium can be your new family game as you experience so much fun watching your children challenge other children to race on this product.

Lay the Tracks for Awesome Rides
If you are looking for the perfect present to give your child that is within the age of 6 to 12 on his or her next birthday, the Track Builder System Race Crate is the best choice especially if your child loves racing games. This product offers three distinct racing events such as the drag race, gravity drop, and the mega jump. It weighs only 5.69 pounds so the crate is easy to carry for children who would want to take it everywhere they go.

Each track has double slam launchers, a start gate, and a finish gate. All you have to do is lay the race tracks the way you want it to form either of the three racing options. Note that each crate comes with a user guide to give a brief insight as to how to lay the tracks and how to use the product generally.

It may also interest you to know that this product comes with two Hot Wheels cars, but you may decide to buy more to increase the excitement offered.

There have been complaints by some customers that this product should contain more features such as a form of a sound system, some colorful lights to brighten up the tracks, and that the race tracks should hold the cars more firmly. Do not worry; these problems will be fixed even without those features a lot of customers have given feedback as to how much they loved the product.

Grab the Wheels and Zoom!
Your child, especially the younger ones may not be able to set up the tracks so you have to carefully read through the user guide so that you can teach them how to go by it. Believe me; you are going to love the experience.

This Hot Wheel Track Builder System Race Crate was designed specifically for children within the age range of 6 to 12 years old. It comes with a user guide that you can follow to create up to 3 racing events. Enjoy with the two gift Hot Wheels cars or buy more here.

I know your child is exceptionally talented and creative, and he/she has the tendencies of saving the world someday. So why don’t you help your child to build more on these skills in science? I know a perfect way to do this, get your child a Science Laboratory Experiment Kit specially designed by Thames & Kosmos. This package comes with several plastic portable forms of real-life science lab accessories such as test tube rack, a hand magnifier, stand set, measuring spoons, a pipette, and several others. Do not worry you will also find in this package a 16-page colorful manual that will help you to teach your children on how to use this equipment.

The Fully Loaded Science Lab
This product was designed primarily for children from the age of 3 and above. It comes with several components and features that will really boost your child’s knowledge of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

There are up to 24 durable scientific tools in this box these include:
• lids
• perforated disks that can be used to create several objects
• a 14-piece screw –together system that can be attached to tubes
• connectors
• test tube rack
• and more

Watch out for the 16-page manual in the package, this comes with easily comprehended text and colorful pictures that foster speedy assimilation of the concepts being taught in it. This manual will serve as a guide for both you and your child on how to really maximize the use of all the equipment and tools in the science kit. Also, do not forget the 10 sets of experiment cards, these were made to pass direct information to both the children and the person supervising them to use the kits. Each card has two sides, one relates directly to the child and the other with the guardian. Say hi to characters such as Karlie Omega and Ty on these cards.

Start Observing and Creating
Like I said earlier, this child’s experiment kit helps to set a strong foundation for children especially in science fields such as mathematics, technology, engineering, and science. It will also help to improve your child’s creative skills as there are a bunch of plastic build-up materials from which they can couple up and build something.

There have been complaints that the text of the manual are not so easy to comprehend, however, the colorful images are included to create better understanding.

Thames & Kosmos have designed a science experiment kit for children from age 4 and above. It helps to build up their creative skills and a strong foundation of STEM studies.

Is your baby girl within the age of 5 and above a fan of spy games and fabulous luxury items? If yes, here is the perfect present to give her. The L.O.L. Surprise Biggie Pet MC comes with a pack of items such as a backpack which houses a cute teddy bear, luxury items such as spyglasses, necklace, wishbone, fortune teller (heart shape), etc.

Go on a Spy Mission
I bet you already want to know the full components of this L.0.L. Surprise! Biggie Pets, do not worry I am going to tell you a lot about it and what it has to offer your child in this review. Now, these are the properties you will find in the pack after unwrapping it:

• More than 15 surprise packages inside from which your children can cherish and anticipate.
• A baby guessing pad game where you will be asked to guess how many babies are in the choices you make. Let’s see if you are going to get 2 or 3 babies. This will help build your child’s observation and imaginary skills.
• You will also find other surprises such as a couple of wear-and-share accessories, and a spyglass that you can easily use in the Eye Spy Series to detect hidden codes to unlock several other surprises.
• There is also the M.C. Hammy backpack which also serves as a form of piggy bank. This will encourage your child to cultivate the art of saving and help grow their minds.
• Other things that you will find in the L.O.L. Surprise Biggie Pet pack include balloons, a gold chain, a collector’s poster, a treasure box, a fortune teller in the heart shape, a wishbone, and other baby charms. These will also broaden your child’s imaginary sense and make them have a lot of accessories to play with.

Come Home Victorious
To start using this product, all you need to do is break the package and place all the accessories down for your child to play with. The baby’s discovery pad may be a little tasking for younger children so you should try to help a little. The backpack which is also a piggy bank can be taken to school or anywhere as it is portable and classy.

Although some customers have complained that the case on the back won’t stay close, several other customers have testified that their children love it and they don’t have this issue.

Explore the creativity of your children today by buying them a Lego Duplo Cargo Train. Just as it is in many popular Lego figures, you get to build up structures with Lego pieces and come up with awesome structures and creations. The beauty and uniqueness of this product, however, is that it adds several other features such as lights a battery-operated building block sets, cargo wagons, harbor, café, and a boat. That is not all you playtime will also be cheered by Lego Characters playing the roles of a train driver, boat captain, and that of a shop owner.

Basic Engineering Skills
Apart from the fun that this product offers, it was also created to foster more knowledge for children especially in the field of engineering and generally STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). This product is carefully crafted in such a way that children, especially those that from the age of 3 and above, can easily control and have amazing fun using. Before you tear the wrap of this package, I will show you some of the things you should expect to see inside.

The items in this Lego Duplo Cargo Train product include:
• up to 105 Lego pieces
• 2 cranes
• 24 track pieces
• 2 live cargo wagons
• harbor
• boat
• café
• and an app you could use to extend its abilities.

All these items will create a lot of excitement and happiness within your children, as they will get to control the movement of the cargo train using a remote control and build up structures using the Legos. Note that it uses batteries and these you will have to buy after the power drains. It is worth the cost all the same.

Play and Learn STEM Education
After you have unwrapped the product, you need to know how to maximize its potentials, this you can do by using any of the following features:
• The “Push and go motor” option, this way your child can easily push the train all around and feel the thrill or,
• Add any of the Five Action bricks to make the train sound its horn, turn on or off its light, change its direction, etc.
• You can also download the Lego app on your iOS or Android to explore more fun actions that this product has to offer.

This Lego Duplo Cargo Train is designed for children from the age of 3 and above. Its main purposes are to teach children the basics of engineering and STEM studies, build up their imaginative and creative skills, and afford them endless fun playing with three Lego characters.

This 144-piece magnetic building STEM toy set is one of Magformers creations specifically designed to foster smart and creative children. If you are looking to channel your child’s creative abilities towards the field of architecture or building, this product is the best gift you can buy for your child. It comes with cool magnetic shapes of blocks which can be coupled together to form several forms of structures such as robots, school building, giraffe, etc. It offers so much fun and educating effects for children from the age of 3 and above. Read up this review for more gist.

Super Cool Magnetic Creations

This product comes with up to easily attachable magnetic blocks that allow your children to connect them together easily without getting frustrated. Frustration sets in when a child finds it difficult to detach or attach magnets, this is why the magnets used to create these blocks do not have a repelling effect.

Of course, I will show you the things you will find in the box after you have purchased this product.

Inside, you will find:
• up to 144 pieces of accessories
• these include 46 triangles
• 12 pentagons
• 4 hexagons
• 44 squares
• 6 isosceles triangles
• 6 super squares
• 4 super triangles
• and up to 16 other accessories

Start Creating
It will interest you to know that all the accessories in this package are made from durable and strong materials, they will not get worn or damaged easily, and this will give your child a chance to use and reuse this product. There is no limit to what you can create with these magnetic blocks, all you have to do is think, imagine, and create. If you need some inspiration as to what to create, you can just check out the already built creations displayed on the sides of the product box.

The materials in this set are not the end to it as you can also use other Magformers Smart Sets alongside the ones in this package. You can get more of these Smart Set in several colors and designs on Amazon and start exploring your creativity with the High-Quality ABS plastic magnets from Magformers.

Teach your children some architectural and STEM knowledge with these High-Quality ABS plastic magnets specially designed for that purpose. It contains up to 144 pieces of different shapes. You can also get more in a Smart Set if the pieces of magnets in the box seem insufficient.

Would you like a scoop of ice cream for just $1? Oh yeah, I want one! Here you go! Thank you! Here is your cash, keep the change! If you want this kind of role play situation filled with so much fun and excitement with ice cream, buy the Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter from Melissa and Doug for your 3 to 6-year-old child. He or she is going to love it!

Visit the Ice Cream Counter
I know you are ready to make and sell scoops, but wait and see what this Melissa and Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter has to offer. This product comes with up to 28-piece pretend play ice cream counter where you can easily place your ice cream cones.

How do you like your ice cream served? With sprinkles of chocolate balls? With cream and vanilla? With a cherry on top? You will find on the table up to 8 different flavors of ice cream from which you can serve as the customer wants.

This counter also contains accessories that makes the job of an “ice cream vendor” easy; these include an ice cream scooper, tongs, a wooden spoon, six different flavored ice cream toppings, two ice cream cones, eight different flavors of wooden ice cream, etc. The Scooper was made in such a way that makes the stacking, scooping and releasing of ice cream very easy to do.

Make Great Sales

Once the counter has been set, the next thing is to start business, there is a reusable menu card that you can place in front of each customers to place their order. Once the order has been made and the ice cream is served, there are a couple of pretend dollar bills in the package that will make the role play perfect. There have been complaints that the cones are too small, don’t worry, you can get more of Melissa and Doug’s things by clicking here.

This Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter offers a great chance for you to teach your child on business dealings and the fact that you have to pay for services you receive from people. Accessories in this package are made with good quality materials, and they include the main counter, two cones, several forms of flavored wooden ice creams, tongs to hold things, and several other ice cream business items.

Have you always wanted to learn to bake bread but you don’t know how to go by it? If yes, the Magical Microbes Doughlab Stem Kit: Bake and Learn package is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a baking guide and all the required ingredients you need to bake delicious loaves of bread such as yeast, gluten, flour, etc. This kit also comes with baking tools such as wooden mixing sticks, mixing containers, measuring spoon, etc. Read up this review and get to know more about this kit.

Get the Ingredients and Tools Ready
To start baking bread, there are some important ingredients that must not be left out if you want a perfect and delicious baking. You will find all you need to make a perfect baking in this kit, the ingredients you will find here include 1lb high-protein flour, 3 baking tins, 7G dry yeast, wooden mixing sticks, sugar, salt, inflating gloves, and mixing containers.

This kit also comes with up to 5 recipe guides that teach you how to make 5 different types of bread, and of course, they are of different taste but they all give delicious sensations. The most exciting part of these experiments is that you can use the inflating gloves to detect when the flour you are mixing is ready for baking especially when the effect of the yeast has been fully activated.

Start Baking Delicious Loaves of Bread
You can mix the flour with any of the 5 recipes provided in the guide or try to explore your creativity by trying out more mixtures. Now if you are wondering when to start baking the flour or when the yeast has fully activated, stop wondering as the inflating gloves have been put in place for that purpose. They serve as an indicator to show when the yeast has fully activated and when the flour is ready to get baked. Once the gloves have been fully inflated, it means the mixture is ready for baking.

There have been complaints of missing instruction booklets, but this is probably due to a packaging error, every kit comes with an instruction booklet that will teach you to bake and have fun watching the effect of yeast on flour.

Here is a perfect way to learn how to bake delicious loaves of bread and experiment the science that relates to the strength of yeast and the effect it has on the bread. Do not worry the baking equipment are readily available, all you have to do is mix up, wait for the inflating gloves to give you a go ahead and bake the sweetest bread that anyone has ever tasted.

Here is another chance offered by National Geographic for you to appreciate this world better. This pack comes with up to 8 amazing varieties of putty and slime, some of which include the glowing putty, fluffy slime, liquid slime, snotty slime, bouncing slime, magnetic putty, and more. All these you will get to handle and study how they react to life situations such as water and light. Get the full gist about this product in this review.

Observe and Have Fun
Before you start having so much fun with the contents of this package, take a little second to check out some of the items you will find inside the box. Like I said earlier, in the box you will find up to 8 different forms of slimes and putties, all of which has unique qualities such as magnetic effects, squishy, powdery, etc. The items you will find in this lab include 4 slimes and 4 putties. The putties are bouncing putty, colour changing putty, glow-in-the-dark putty, and the magnetic putty. The slimes are liquid slime, fluffy slime, snotty slime, and the stretchy slime. There is also an extra package with contains slime powder, this offers you a chance to mix-up and create your own slime. So much fun right?

Are you wondering how to maximize all the potentials of these fun-to-play-with pieces? Don’t worry, you will find a 16-page colorful guide inside the box. This, for example, will show you how to attract the magnetic putty with a magnet, etc.

Create and Learn
You are ready to start handling the slimes and putties, be 100% sure it is safe for children especially those that are not below the age of 13. This package comes with storage tins and lab kits to allow you to maneuver all that’s inside. These accessories allow you to use and store back the slimes and putties easily.

This is how they putties and slimes work:
• Magnetic Putty: just hold up a magnet on the putty, and it will attract it upwards.
• Bouncing Putty: roll a ball of the putty and bounce everywhere like a basketball.
• Snotty Slime: Squeeze the slime, and it will squash as squeezed.
• Stretchy Slime: This simply stretches as you pull it either way.

National Geographic in a bid to make people appreciate the world more like they have been doing for the past 129 years has designed this Slime and Putty Lab Kits for children to play with and enjoy. You will find 8 varieties inside. Feel to have a closer look at this product by clicking here.

Are you looking to buy a new gaming console? Great!

This guide lists one of the best gaming consoles, highlights its features, pros & cons, and more! Basically, all the info you need to make an educated purchase.

Consider these 3 things as you shop:
1. Games you want to play
Say you’re a fan of soccer. Will the console have enough soccer titles? And how much will the games cost?
2. Your budget
Costs don’t stop after getting the hardware. You need games, subscriptions, and accessories.
3. Is the console portable?
Forget playing an Xbox One or PS4 Pro in a subway, or during lunch breaks at school. But with a Nintendo or PS Vita you get portability.

Nintendo Switch

Imagine two systems in one! A home console you can hook up to your TV screen, and a portable gaming console you can bring anywhere you go. That’s what the Nintendo Switch is all about.

You get two main parts: a docking station and a 6.2-inch screen console with two Joy-con controllers that slide on and off.
So, when you’re home, you simply remove the Joy-con controllers, slide the console in the docking station, and hook it to your TV screen via a HDMI cable.

On the go, you lift the console from the docking station, and don’t worry if you were in the middle of a fight or a race, there is a perfect transition. So, no interruptions!

And if you meet someone up for a multiplayer challenge, you flip the stand at the back of the screen, give them a controller and start battling.

It gets even better! If some of your friends have Switch gaming consoles, you can link up to 8 systems at once, team up and play on the same TV screen. With online games also available, there are so many ways to have fun!

Also, six hours of gameplay on a full-charge is big plus. But some graphic intensive games like The Legend of Zelda, will drain the battery in 3 hours. But, many users extend the battery life by also getting a USB-C power bank.


• Well-made and sturdy
• High-quality games
• Growing game library with famous games like DOOM, FIFA 19
• Doesn’t get hot
• Controllers can vibrate
• Affordable 12 months Switch membership


• Low internal storage 32GB with about 25GB usable (So consider buying a memory card. Amazingly, the console has an expandable memory of up to 2TB)

Now, can’t you argue with 77% out of 4,682 reviewers who gave the Nintendo Switch a 5-star rating on Amazon? Neither can I!

Bit is a super cool coding robot that was manufactured by Ozobot Company especially for people within the age of 3years and above. This is a great chance for you to teach your kids on the basics of coding and programming robots to do almost anything an ordinary human being can do. This product comes with two coding methods, these include the Activity Pack which has up to 20 color codes control and an Ozoblocking code editing app available on Android and computer devices. Bit is very portable and durable so you can use it anywhere and at any time.

Advanced Technology
The considerable advancement in technology in the world right now and the constant introduction of better ways of making human life easier has made the area of coding and programming very important and necessary for every person to know about. Bit Coding Robot by Ozobot Company offers a great chance for kids and adults to learn the basics of coding and programming.

Now to really enjoy using Bit you need to know its components and what it really has to offer.

The product package comes with:
• a compact and durable bit robot
• an activity pack that has up to 20 color codes
• 4 color code markers that allows you to draw a pattern that Bit follows as soon as it detects it with its optical sensors
• 2 skins character stickers with pop-outs
• a starter guide
• and a USB Charger that allows you to keep Bit alive

Start Coding your Robot
This robot is a masterpiece as it connects the science realm to that of art. Like I said earlier this product comes with a two-way coding system. The first method is that you can simply use the Activity Pack which comes with up to 20 color codes, this pack will simply teach you several basic coding and robotic concepts and allows you to use your imagination to create more.

The second method is a more advanced one and it allows you to program and code Bit Robot using the OzoBlocking app on a Tablet or Computer. This is how it works, you will do the coding on your Tablet or Computer, after you will place Bit on the screen to load the data. It will then act out your command. This challenges your imagination and have fun at the same time.

Bit Robot from Ozobot comes with a two-way basic coding method. This gives you an opportunity to learn the basic acts of programming and coding. Although you will have to pay for upgrades, you will find the cost worthy when you start using it.

The truth is that every genius scientist deserves a super science lab to work with, this is why this Super Science Lab from Smartwork Company is the perfect choice for your children to experiment and practice cool STEM studies. It comes with easy-to-use accessories and is recommended for children from the age of 8 years and above. You will find items such as chemical substances and a lab book inside that contains up to 20 different experiments you can try out.

Chemicals and Tubes
Now it is time for you to hit the laboratory and perform some life-changing experiments, but wait are you not forgetting something? Oh! The Tools! This Science kit comes with up to 33 pieces of items; these include among others:
• Spill containment Tray;
• Three different sizes of Mixing Vessels;
• Four Transport Tubes;
• A Petri Dish with a Lid;
• Pipette;
• Chemicals such as Phenol Red Solution, Calcium Chloride, and Calcium Hydroxide;
• pH Strips;
• An Erlenmeyer Flask;
• A Beaker;
• Two Elevated Reservoirs;
• A Pneumatic Plunger, and several other items you will find in a Chemistry Station.

Now that you have all the items and tools ready, it is time to couple things up and starts performing experiments.

Make a Life-Changing Discovery
Like I said earlier, you will find in this package a 32-page manual book which allows for easy comprehension and comes in three different languages which include French, English, and Spanish. This science book also contains up to 20 different experiments you can try out, some of which include:

• Mixing up and moving any of the liquid chemicals listed above in mixing containers and transporting them using the plunger accessories and the unique valve push.
• Trying out different experiments with basic kitchen ingredients such as salt, water, etc.
• You can also try out some of the basic experiments listed in the book, some of which requires only water or air.

The only challenge with this product is that its accessories must be handled carefully, as it serves as a primary learning ground for children to always handle science equipment carefully to avoid damaging them or spilling acidic contents on their body. Altogether, this is a great product, and your children will learn the art of science in a simplified form.

Smartworks Company in a bid to provide basic knowledge of the STEM studies designed Super Science Lab kits for children from 8 years old and above. This kit comes with up to 20 different experiments explained in a lab book and several chemical items that foster the success of the project.

The age we are at the moment calls for awareness in the programming and coding of robots as it makes the work of humans much easier. So if you wish to teach your children or you want to learn some basics on coding and programming, the Sphero Bolt Robot is the perfect gift for you and your children. This robot comes with the ability to load and collect data from real life occurrences and transfer it into information in an app that can be used on any Android or desktop device. Note also that you can download and share all your creations. This is a great chance to learn and have fun coding, go grab a pack of Sphero Bolt Robot.

Programming at its Best
Now it is time to start having fun, but first, let us discuss some of the features and components of this robot so that you can know what to expect. Bolt is a coding robot with a portable ball shape that makes easy to transport or use anywhere. It is waterproof and very durable. It comes with a built-in battery that lasts for more than 2 hours, all you have to do is make sure it is fully charged, and you can enjoy learning and playing it all day.

Bolt comes with an 8×8 LED light matrix that gives you a chance to code it and display vector graphics, characters, graphics, sensor data, or play games on a matrix itself. Other features that will surely interest you is that it has the ability to detect the strength of light and follow real-life directions especially using a map. In other words, Bolt can tell whether the light in an area is bright or deem and move in a specific direction you program it to go. Note however that all these features on bolt can only be activated using Sphero Edu app available only on Androids, iOS, and desktops.

Have Fun Playing and Learning
Note that Bolt has a strong interactive character as it will not only connect to Androids and desktops using Bluetooth or other wireless means, it also comes with the ability to communicate with other Bolts using the 360ᵒ infrared connection. Note also that you can simply code Bolt by drawing, writing JavaScript or using scratch blocks.

Bolt Robot from Sphero offers that perfect chance to learn coding and have fun playing games at the same time, it was designed for people within the age of 3 and above. There have been complaints that the battery takes too long to charge, this could be due to a maintenance factor as a standard Bolt Robot takes fairly around 40 minutes to charge and lasts for more than 2 hours.

This is a chance to save the world with a bright knowledge of coding and programming. This Creative Coder Kit offers you and your children a fun, brain-stimulating experience. The Creative Coder Kit has an optic sensor software that gathers data on movements, gestures, and reads light effects. Feel free to join the online community of makers and get to share your creations and compete with other children all around the world. Items you can create include a light Jedi sword, hot potato game, etc. Read up this review to get more gist on what this product has to offer.

No Limit to Your Creativity
This kit was designed for children not less than 6 years of age, it comes with a visual coding software that allows you to load it with real-life data and control what it does with what it has loaded. This product is made in the form of a wristband, this is to make it accessible to you any time, and everywhere. All you have to do is insert 2 AA batteries, load it with light or program what you want it to do on an iOS or Android app, and you are good to go.

It is made purposely to enhance your child’s creativity and foster a strong foundation in the STEM technology. It offers a chance for your child to save the world and solve some of the world’s seemingly impossible problems by discovering codes and programming.

How to Start Coding
This creative coder kit is very easy to use, as you can build up your coder in just about 15 minutes and start having fun.

This is how it works:
• couple up the coder and insert the batteries,
• connect this finished coder to the coding software on your iOS or Android,
• and start exploring the options available.

One flaw this item has is that it does not come with a built-in battery. However, you can easily solve this problem by buying very strong rechargeable AAA batteries and get things going.

This product is made from good quality materials, and a protective-Splashproof casing reinforces its durability.

Tech Will Save Us community and company in the bid to educate children on the importance of coding, programming, and the STEM studies have come up with this portable Creative Coder Kit. It runs on a coder software available on iOS and Androids. Get this for your children and let them start creating world-saving tech and get a chance to compete/play with other children all around the world.

Looking for a way to teach your children on how to really appreciate agriculture and have a practical experience using sand, water, seeds, and a bunch of farming equipment to work with. This product comes with a 16-page storybook that doubles as a manual that teaches you how to use it. Get to know all about Thames and Kosmos Barbie Plant Science Experiment in this article.

Let us hit the Farmyard
This Plant Science Experiment Kit was specially designed by Thames and Kosmos Company for people within the age range of 4 to 25 years old. It offers you practical knowledge of Plant Biology by allowing you to plant up to 6 seeds and observe the effects of water, soil, soil contaminations, and sunlight on the growth of that plant.

This product comes with peas that you can plant and make to follow the direction of the maze you create for it. You will also find four different flower plants in the package; these include zinnia, phlox, marigold, and dianthus. You will also find flower pots in which you can fill up with sand and plant your flowers. That is not all; you also have the opportunity to decorate your garden and greenhouse with seed bombs and plaster stones.

Bountiful Harvest for You
Agriculture is one of the most important activities of humans, and as a matter of fact, without agriculture, humans will not exist at all as food is a necessity of life. This is why some form of awareness need be created in the minds of younglings especially children who are above 4 years old. The Barbie Plant Science Experiment Kit comes with a storybook that will aid your child in the farming adventure.

Other features and properties in this product are a greenhouse, six different types of seed plants, soil pellets, plant dishes and pots, a little spade, and other forms of farming equipment. These accessories will not only add to the fun but, they are also a means to educate children on the forms of farming tools that exist.

Agriculture is very important and essential to human existence, so it is of great necessity that you teach your children on how plant science works. The Barbie Plant Science Experiment Kit designed by Thames and Kosmos is the best way to do this. Try it out today or check out more vocational education packages here.

Daddy, why does this house look so big and tall?“Mom what is a bridge?… Are you concerned about how to answer these kinds of questions whenever your children ask? Do not worry, the Structural Engineering: Bridges and Skyscrapers by Thames and Kosmos is ready to save you the stress. It comes with basic guides on how to construct bridges and skyscrapers; you will get to try out up to 20 model building experiments.

Gather Materials for the Construction Project
Before you start building, you need to know the components and necessary materials you will need for the project. On breaking the wrap on this product, you will find a very easy to read and colorful manual inside, there are 44 distinct pages in it, and it will open your mind to several basic structural engineering methods of building bridges and skyscrapers.

You will also find up to 20 model-building experiments, each model explains and demonstrates a basic principle of mechanical physics. There are also up to 323 pieces of materials from which you can make several constructions from your imagination.

Let the Construction Begin
Now that the materials are ready, it is time to put things together. Like I said earlier, the manual will show you how to gather things together. There are up to 20 models you can follow, but it is also open for you to explore your imagination and come up with a masterpiece.

For the bridges, you will learn to maximize the strength of the structure by trying out models such as the Truss bride, the cantilever bridge, the arch bridge, the rope bridge, and a suspension bridge. The skyscraper building methods are also as technical, but do not worry, the guide has you covered. Feel free to try out any of the 5 skyscraper models in the manual or simply use your imagination to construct the highest skyscraper you can think of.

Do not worry about the insufficiency of the materials, you can simply get more of Thames and Kosmos plastic construction materials here. This allows you to explore your imagination more and come out with something beautiful.

Teach your children or even yourself on the basics of structural engineering especially the building of skyscrapers and bridges using the Structural Engineering: Bridges and Skyscrapers product from Thames and Kosmos. It comes with up to 323 pieces of materials and up to 20 models that you can follow to make things easier to learn.

Are you looking for a special and important gift to buy for your kid who is within the age of 3 to 9 years old? If yes, I have got the perfect gift for you, your kid is going to love the VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera. It has front and back cameras, allows for a firm grip and a high durability that can absorb shocks on falling down. It is very affordable and comes in colors such as pink, blue, and camouflage. Read up this review to know more on what this camera has in stock for you.

Awesome Features
Like I said earlier, your kid is going to love this VTech Kidizoom DUO camera as it has a lot of excitement and awesome features to offer. The VTech Kidzoom DUO digital camera was made with a 2.4” color LCD screen, binocular-view lenses which allows you to see images clearly, 4x digital zoom, a front camera of 1600 x 1200 pixels, back camera with 640 x 480 pixels, and a bright auto flashlight.

This camera runs on 4 AA batteries which can be inserted into the battery ports located on either side of the grips. You will be able to store pictures and videos in the 256 MB built-in memory, however, it comes with an expandable memory that can work with 1 GB and up to 32 GB microSD/microSDHC.

It has several action buttons placed on easily-accessible parts of its body. Some of these include the power, delete, star, home, “OK”, volume, flash-timer toggle, and playback buttons. It also has a USB port that allows you to connect to a computer and transfer your picture and video files. The rubberized twist grip on the back that looks like a zoom ring is used to change the camera images to sepia, bleach bypass, monochrome, and rainbow effects.

Camera Modes
The VTech Kidizoom Duo comes with a number of special modes, these include:
• A Regular Camera mode where you can snap pictures with cool effects.
• A video camera which allows you to record for up to 10 minutes especially when there is a memory card inside.
• A game mode which has up to 5 types of which 3 are motion controlled.
• Other functions are a voice recorder, a photo editor with several funny facial effects, cartoon stickers, etc.

The VTech Kidizoom Duo is a digital camera with amazing features designed for kids within the age range of 3 and 9 years. Although it has limited internal storage and non-rechargeable AA batteries, you can simply get a 32 GB microSD/microSDHC and control the power use with the timer option respectively. Click here to have a closer view.

Dash Robot form Wonder Workshop is here to offer people especially children who are not below the age of 4 the basics of programming and coding through its response to voice commands and any of its free 5 apps available on iOS, and androids. So here is a great chance for you to enlighten your children on what it means to program a robot to do almost anything a human being can do, such as singing, spinning around, draw, etc. Dash was designed in a flexible way, so that it can transform into a catapult, a truck delivery, or an animal, using Lego bricks.

Not Just about Coding
This robot will not only make you have the programming or coding feeling, but it is also ready to educate and play with you, all you have to do is feed it the data it requires and ensures that its battery is well charged. Do not overcharge though. It is good you know the components and accessories of this package, especially from the box.

The Dash Robot package comes only with a compact robot and a USB charger. It does not run on removable batteries, so you can save on that cost. It also comes with up to 5 apps that help expand your knowledge of coding and takes you into even a more advanced level. Note that, these apps are only accessible on iOS and Androids.

Explore All Possibilities
Like I said earlier, Dash Robot can be made to do almost anything, these are made possible through the use of any of the 5 apps or outer attachments readily available, just click here to check them out.

Some of these apps include:
• Blockly App: Here Dash robot interacts with a co-robot and introduces you to other advanced concepts of coding using playful puzzles and projects.
• Go App: This one kindles Dash’s sensory systems such as detecting movements, sounds, and lights. Fun right?
• Path: This app brings out the best attribute of Dash as it turns it into a live architect and sketches out patterns in structures as it is programmed to do. Etc.

Dash was made for children from the age of 6 and above, giving them a chance to learn coding and architectural skills through the use of 5 easy-to-use apps or Lego blocks. Feel free to turn Dash into a launcher, a bulldozer, xylophone, etc. It’s all about the fun!

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